07 July 2014


1. I was born in June so you can probably guess what my favorite season is

2. I can not eat anything that tastes like cherries, it makes me retch really bad.

3. I'm afraid of insects, for example I was really close to cry when a dragonfly landed next to me.

4. I have been chubby since I was a little kid and I have said many times that if I had to choose between super skinny (like REALLY skinny) and the way my body is now, I would rather be the way I am.

5. I don't accept racism.

6. I hope Finland would accept gay-marriages soon.

7. I don't know what I would do without Japanese music 

8. There is this one person whose messages I always wait, and I smile every time I get one.

9. I really think I can sing, but I don't enjoy doing it in front of other people

10. I can't wait to move to Japan.

11. Even though I say it a lot, I always get irritated when people mock Japanese things (when for example I tell that I listen to Japanese music or that 'omg that guy is so handsome gaaawd' 'where is he  from?' 'Japan.' 'He looks like a girl/why do they all look like that/I don't understand you.' 

12. I have never been properly in love, but lately I've had a feeling that this crush might be something more.

13. I used to have really low self-esteem and self confidence, and even though I don't feel like I'm as confident as I could be, I have progressed quite well.

14. I have tiny hands, fingers and nails, and that is why I don't usually wear dark nail polish (it makes them look even smaller)

15. When I tell people I listen to Japanese music, they assume that I don't listen to other music genres at all or that I understand nothing about non-Japanese music. It drives me mad. I like many kind of music styles and even now I'm listening to a non-Japanese song.

16. When I was about 10 or 11, there was a small period of time when I only listened to heavy metal or rock (like slayer, metallica, bullet for my valentine) 

17. I've actually had many time periods when my style was totally different from the others.

18. But now I think I have finally found the style that I feel like is the most 'me'

19. Which is a mix of elements from other styles, I don't like categorizing myself.

20. I don't understand smoking, doing drugs or drinking (I have nothing against alcohol, but when it's drinking vodka until you are totally out, that I don't understand) don't get me wrong, I have been drinking too even though I haven't been drunk.

21. But I can't judge people who choose to do so. It's not my concern.

22. I have never been a big friend of rap, but I don't have anything against it.

23. I had braces when I was smaller, that was the time and little after that when I didn't smile properly (I covered my mouth with my hand or didn't show my teeth at all) 

24. I usually hate wearing dresses because I don't like the way it feels on me. It's like I can't move properly because I'm scared I might show something too much haha. I could wear skirts though but I don't have any.

25. I no longer buy normal waisted jeans, I like high-waisted too much

26. I seriously sometimes think that if people wouldn't find it weird, I would date gackt, atsushi or takanori. Age is just a number.

27. But then again I don't think I could date a Finnish guy who is a lot older than I am. Weird...

28. I will learn to talk and write fluent Japanese.

29. Me and my friend have our own 'man-list's where we list the guys we love (like celebrities and such) maybe that could be my next post? I could share my own man list? :D

30. I've never liked xbox. Playstation all the way!

31. I want to play DayZ with one awesome person but I can't buy it! :D

32. I am truly grateful that my parents bought me PlayStation 2 and Ratchet & Clanck 2 from my 7th birthday (seriously who buys a little girl a gaming console xD)

33. The first thing I buy to my Japanese apartment will be the biggest iMac and food. No joke.

34. My dream of living in Japan would be this: apartment in central Tokyo, job at Harujuku, Shibuya or Akihabara and a great school to go to.

35. It's a lot easier for me to sing low pitched songs (for example now I'm singing GACKT - Mizerable hahaha)

36. I have never cried as much in my life when I watched Akumu-Chan's last episode

37. I have so many Japanese dramas and movies that are unfinished/I haven't watched/I need to watch

38. I think Ichigo-chan describes Takanori Nishikawa perfectly

39. I have recently found my new love: Strawberry Ice tea from Lidl xD

40. I don't like fake, mean, selfish or narcissistic people.

41. I'm going to take an exchange year to a school in Tokyo when I go to university.

42. I'm always happy when I watch Japanese talk shows or dramas without subtitles and I can actually realize enough to understand it!

43. I'm that kind of person who finds an amazing song and ends up listening to it about 50 times in repeat, then I get bored. However that doesn't happen with Japanese songs. That is why I think Japanese music is better than American or European.

44. I can speak Finnish and English fluently, Swedish, Japanese and a little bit German and French.

45. I want to know how to play the guitar, violin, cello, bass and drums.

46. Yesterday I swam the first time this summer, which is REALLY late for me and in general for a Finnish person.

47. I would like to take proper outfit pics, but I have no one to take the pictures for me and I don't like being in front of the camera that much when someone is taking pictures of me.

48. I'm that kind of person who gives people space and their own time. That is because it's something I need myself too sometimes.

49. I sometimes wish we would have to wear school uniforms in Finland :D

50. I wish I could skate like in Skate 3 :D

Yup lots of text once again but I felt like doing a post like this :)

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