04 July 2014

ANSWERS for my Q&A post

So, I made a Q&A post in February and now I finally made the answers-post. I did film the answers on a video but I had troubles with my cameras so I just gave up haha. There aren't many questions, but I guess that's a good thing! :)

Q: Your dream travel location?
A: Japan absolutely. I'm not completely sure but I will maybe travel to Tokyo next spring. My other dream travel locations are China and the USA.

Q: What countries have you been to?
A: I have been to the Canary Island, Crete, England, Germany, the Czeck republic, Norway and Sweden.

Q: What is in your shopping list at the moment?
A: A denim jacket and a leather jacket and maybe a new phone case.

Q: The best perfume?
A: Bright crystal by Versace, Fame by Lady Gaga and Fresh Blossom by DKNY.

Q: Favorite color? 
A: Black, pastels, grey, purple, red, burgundy

Q: Favorite store (clothes)?
A: H&M and NewYorker

Q: Your hobbies?
A: I consider having quite many hobbies actually. I play the piano, draw, paint, write, study Japanese, listen to music, blog, shop, photograph, computers (like gaming, surfing the net etc.), play games and stuff like that.

Q: Why did you start blogging? 
A: I think I saw one awesome looking blog by accident and I was like ''omg I need to do something that cool too.'' so I made this blog. At first it looked pretty stupid actually (at the time I knew nothing about css or html codes). I think the main reason why I started and have continued with my blog is that I enjoy sharing things I like with you and stuff that are happening in my life.

Q: The good/bad sides about blogging?
A: Good sides: 
-You get to share things with people around the world
-You can express yourself trough pictures, music, text and videos
-You can share your thoughts with other people 
-At the best situation you can make friends with other bloggers!
Bad sides:
-The stupid negative comments you might get
-Sometimes the lack of inspiration might get you stressed
-When you don't know what you want your blog to look like or what things you want or don't want to post.

I hope my answers were somehow interesting to read, thank you if you did ! :)

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